Bill Sanders

Bill Sanders has been dubbed “The Operational Strategist” by his clients because of his unique ability to rapidly identify and remove barriers to implementing strategy within an organization with minimal disruption and a dramatic ROI.

He has the rare ability to efficiently identify misalignment between strategy, process, and execution, and design elegant solutions to these often highly complex problems. His insights routinely expose new business opportunities and underutilized team talents, unlocking increased profitability and business growth.

Bill’s clients range from independently owned agencies and SMEs to members of the Fortune 500. He is a former president of the San Francisco American Marketing Association, and writes a regular column on work culture for the Huffington Post.


Grew top-line revenue by 30% year-over-year

Increased revenue by 24% and profit by 87% over 18 months

Increased sales by 25% year-over-year while improving customer service

Renegotiated an active project to save over $50k in projected losses and secured an additional $150k in profitable revenue

Reduced marketing campaign process by 37.5% while improving labor productivity by 1.5 FTEs annually

Designed and launched multiple new product/service lines for agencies, event companies, and Fortune 50 companies


Roebling Strauss, Inc.
"Bill Sanders and the Roebling Strauss team continues to play a key role in creating new high visibility events for Pepsi's national top volume beverage customers. These Digital Summit events are an integral part of how our brand(s) continue to drive messages of innovation, new ways of thinking and new ways of partnering in the digital space."



How integrated are the design, maintenance and innovation of your processes, procedures and tools? We typically find an effectiveness gap of 15-30% in most service organizations.


From business model innovation to new areas of growth, we help devise strategies that can adapt and innovate in line with market and competitor dynamics.

& Mentoring

We custom design coaching and mentoring engagements for executives and owners that result in specific skill improvement and observable behavior change.


Our firm has a very different philosophy and approach in working with clients from traditional consulting firms. And that means our custom approach won’t always fit your needs. It is why we invest the time upfront to get to know you, your business, and your objectives before we undertake an assignment. We want to be sure that we can deliver the results you are after.

So welcome, take some time to explore our site, and then give us a call, we’ll investigate and see how to engineer the engagement so our particular set of skills and experience can dramatically improve your team’s effectiveness and productivity.